1 – Overview

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2 – Game Design

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3 – Backstory

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4 – NFT Cars

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5 – Game Modes

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6 – Gameplay

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7 – Additional Features

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1 – Overview

With a team experienced in game creation, finance, marketing and NFT development, Mystic Motors is an action-packed car racing game where players race their unique NFT cars to earn real money. What makes Mystic Motors unique is the implementation of:

  • Car upgrades
  • Blueprints
  • Tournaments
  • Trophies 
  • Credits
  • Clan battles and 
  • Magic spells

These features will create an enticing and enjoyable experience for all players. The game will have ultra-realistic graphics and will be the first high-quality and sustainable NFT racing game to hit the market. Mystic Motors will be launched on both desktop and mobile, allowing users to play-to-earn anytime, anywhere.

2 – Game Design

This section will include game trailers, game designs and gameplay images. More to come…

3 – Backstory

In 2022, 8000 cars were forged for members of the Mystic Universe by four grand wizards. Each car was gifted with god-like powers; lightning, rage, haste and invisibility.


Since gaining ownership of the cars, great tension has been sparked across members of the Mystic Universe. Members have split themselves into hundreds of gangs, modifying their cars, to become the fastest in the land. To settle the debate, gang rivalries have been taken to the track, as they battle for fame and fortune in the ultimate test of skill and raw power.

Who’s gang will prevail?

4 – NFT Cars

4.1 – Cars:

Every car will have a unique design, each with a unique skill set. These cars will also have assigned stats which will be determined by the rarity of their parts. The rarest cars will have the greatest capabilities and will therefore be more valuable.

Whilst cars will have their unique parts, all cars can be upgraded, allowing players to compete on a competitive slate. This provides an incentive for users to play the game, earn credits and level up their car. The four defining features are body type, body colour, rim type and rim colour. These features will be explained in the following sections.

4.1.1 – Body Type:

    • ​​Tier 1:​​​​​​ Legendary 
    • Tier 2: Champion 
    • Tier 3: Master
    • Tier 4: Pro
    • Tier 5: Novice

4.1.2 – Body Colour:

    • Tier 1: Platinum 
    • Tier 2:​​​​​​ Gold
    • Tier 3: Silver
    • Tier 4: Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Black, Grey

4.1.3 – Rim Type:

    • Tier 1: Meta Rims
    • Tier 2: Alpha Rims
    • Tier 3: Beta Rims

4.1.4 – Rim Colour:

    • Tier 1: Black
    • Tier 2:​​​​​​ Gun Metal
    • Tier 3: Silver
    • Tier 4: Bronze

4.1.5 – Spoiler Type:

    • Tier 1: Spoiler
    • Tier 2: No spoiler

4.2 – Car Stats:

    • Speed: Determines the maximum pace a car can travel
    • Handling: Allows cars to turn corners at a faster speed
    • Acceleration: How quickly a car can reach its max speed
    • Boost: A regenerating feature which allows a car to move faster temporarily
    • Prestige: Earn higher rewards from regular races through a specified multiplier

4.3 – Stats Upgrades

Within Mystic Motors, players are able to upgrade car stats through trading in their credits (see section 5.1.2). By upgrading these stats, the performance of the car will improve, therefore increasing the likelihood that the player wins. The stats that can be upgraded are speed, handling, acceleration, boost and prestige (see section 4.2).

4.4 – Blueprints:

Blueprints allow users to earn car pieces by playing the game. These car pieces can be used to construct an NFT car, which can be used in the game or sold for profit.

5 – Game Modes

5.1 – Free-To-Play:

Free to play allows users to race against other players for in-game rewards (see 5.1.2). During these races, players will be able to strategically deploy spells to impede their opponents and give themselves a tactical race advantage. Racers will also have a boost feature which can be employed to help racers temporarily outpace their opponents. Whilst car stats are important, a racer’s gaming abilities and tactical use of their spell deck will be influential on the outcome of races.

5.2 – Wagering:

The wagering side of the game is an exciting opportunity for passionate racers to stake cryptocurrency in either head-to-head races or tournaments. Wagering allows players to showcase their skills and earn cash for winning their races. Moreover, the wagering sector will also earn players more credits and XP than free-to-play races. Wagering races will also see rare car part drops for car blueprints.

5.3 – Cash Tournaments:

A tournament style game where the top two in each race go into the next round. The racers in the finals will earn significant rewards e.g a share of 10,000USDT. In order to enter these competitions, players must spend one race ticket, which can be bought through the game shop or earned through racing.

6 – Gameplay

6.1 – Spells:

There will be three default spells that every player will begin with. However, players can unlock additional spells by reaching higher levels. Players are able to select any three spells to equip to their spell deck to be used for each race. By creating a unique spell deck, users can master their unique playstyle and maximise their earnings.

At the beginning of each race, one of the equipped spells is issued randomly to each player. After a player uses the spell they will receive a small cooldown, after the cooldown another spell is randomly issued to the player. This ensures that there is an incentive to use spells quickly, but also allows for game strategies to take place.

These spells include


    • Invisibility: When a player uses this spell they become invisible for a period of time. Whilst invisible the player cannot be targeted by other players’ spells.
    • Enhanced Speed: When a player uses this spell their driving speed increases temporarily.
    • Teleport: When a player uses this spell they teleport ahead of the player immediately in front of them, whilst maintaining speed


    •  System Jam spell (whole map): When used, all other racers will have their spells temporarily disabled, and sets a cooldown of 10 seconds.
    • Lightning Spell (whole map): When used, the player (whole map?) immediately in front will be unable to use their boost for a period of time
    • Poison Spell (single target): The player targeted by this spell will slow down for a period of time e.g 80% speed for 5 seconds
    • Frost spell (single target): The player target by this spell will temporarily slow down and be unable to use their boost.

6.2 – Boost:

    • How boost comes into play
      • Boost will give your car a temporary speed increase. There will be a boost bar in the race and a button to apply it. To use boost, players will hold down the boost button for as long as they like, or until the boost bar reaches zero, at which point they will need to wait for it to recharge.
    • How it recharges
      • When not being used, the boost will recharge itself, over time.
    • How the boost car stat impacts gameplay
      • Upgrading the ‘boost’ stat will increase the speed at which boost recharges

6.3 – Player Rewards:

    • Credits
      • Credits are Mystic Motors’ chosen in-game currency. These credits can be traded in at the workshop to purchase:
          • Car upgrades
          • Garage backgrounds/themes
          • Tickets to cash tournaments (see section 5.3)
    • XP 
      • Completing races will earn players XP, allowing them to level up and unlock new spells, backgrounds or props for their NFT car.
    • Trophies
      • Trophies represent the player’s current rank each season. Top ranks will receive monetary prizes at the end of each season. Trophies will reset at the end of each season, however will remain in the racer’s profile as a symbol of accomplishment and prestige.

7 – Additional Features

These are features which will be added to the game in the near future. They will help make the game more dynamic and will strengthen the player base. Further, they provide exclusive benefits for NFT holders.

    • Clans:
      • Play with friends
      • Compete in unique clan games to be crowned the best clan, as well as earn various rewards in the process
    •  Passive income: 
      • Rent out your NFT cars to earn passive income
      • Purchase a Racetrack to earn commission from every race
    • Emotes:
      • When a race is won, players can send emotes
    • Daily rewards:
      • Players will receive rewards for logging in each day. These rewards will get progressively better as players’ login streak extends
    • Personal Garages: 
      • Loading screen will also be customisable, with new backgrounds able to be purchased through the workshop